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Property Management

What is property management?

Handshake of a real estate agent and a client.In a nut shell… Managing all aspects of investment property from maintenance forecasting, maintenance repairs, proper rent pricing, low vacancy rates, strong tenant screening, full accounting of income vs. expenses, detailed record keeping, proper lease agreements, rent collection, damage prevention and collection, property inspections, evictions, reduction of liabiliites, etc. Keep reading to learn how we ensure your property is managed correctly.

Why I need property management?

Are you familiar with proper tenant screening along with the time and hassle of tracking down all information needed?

• Are you tired of potential renters not showing up for showings and all of the calls?
• Are you just relying on a sign and Craigslist for advertising?
• Do you have a strong lease that protects you and your property?
• How long does your property sit vacant? Every day that passes is a lost opportunity and a loss of revenue.
• Are you able to fully collect for tenant damages?
• Are you tired of chasing rent money and late payments?
• Are you keeping detailed accounting records for the deposit held and all expenses related to the property for tax purposes?
• Do you have a trustworthy maintenance team to rely on for the best pricing, efficiency, and craftsmanship?
• Are you tired of the maintenance calls at all hours of the day and night?
• Is your property priced just right?
• Have you handled an eviction from tenant postings through to the court proceedings?
• How do you handle pets?
• How do you increase the size of your property portfolio?
• Are you familiar with the liabilities as a landlord and the Fair Housing Act?

These are a few of the issues which need serious consideration for success as a real estate investor. Our fully staffed and experienced office of Realtors, Property Managers, Experienced Maintenance Personnel, Accounting Specialist, and Leasing Agents take these issues very seriously. Our goal is to be THE property management company you can trust for ALL of your investment property needs.

Financial charts showing growing revenue on touch screen

Wealth through growth

From single unit investments to multiple unit investments we can help you find properties tailored to your personal real estate goals. Development of a real world strategy and follow through are key factors to your success in real estate investing.